What is Syntropy Stack?

The Syntropy Stack is a collection of tools and libraries to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any devices or services running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge location.

Syntropy Stack takes the difficulty of creating secure optimised connections away. It is built for developers to integrate secure connection capability into their applications as well as DevOps teams to fully automate networks for their application deployments. Syntropy Stack allows connecting most Linux based systems via programmable APIs, SDK, CLI and YAML configuration files.

Key Features

Securing & delivering applications seamlessly

The key to secure applications and networks is the creation of encrypted tunnels between servers and specified services. Through these tunnels, all the internet data is transmitted using encryption as well as preserving privacy of the data from other applications, malicious actors and ISPs.

Instant secure connectivity in seconds

Syntropy Stack connects containers and services running in Docker, Kubernetes or edge devices via secure WireGuard tunnels.

Use our User Interface, APIs or YAML configuration to create encrypted and fast connections directly between your services, and scale them easily.

Network as Code

The Network as Code configuration allows your team to use configuration files in both YAML and JSON to specify network configurations and automate creation of networks with complex topologies (Point-to-point, One-to-many and Mesh)


Improve your network performance and reliability by utilizing our smart routing protocol, which harnesses Syntropy's global multi-provider network, spanning over 200 providers and 500 locations worldwide.

That allows for a stable and reliable application performance by optimizing every connection for minimal latency, packet loss, and reduced variance.

Monitor status and performance of every connection

You can gather performance data, and see into your networks by using Syntropy's built-in monitoring and visibility capabilities. Get machine and service status, connection information, logged errors and warnings.

Wireguard based Security

WireGuard is an encryption protocol that provides a high level of encryption, with a low overhead of computing resources. WireGuard demonstrates benefits with both faster throughput speeds, and lower ping times. It is extremely well suited for machine to machine communication and devices with less computing power, such as smartphones, routers and IoT Edge. WireGuard is simple to deploy, cryptography state-of-the-art, a lot simpler to audit and cross-platform with support for the major operating systems.

Syntropy Stack uses WireGuard to establish secure connections between internet-connected endpoints and devices.

Automate Everything with Syntropy

Programmable APIs - use APIs to easily manage Syntropy Networks from your applications and development workflows

SDK - Syntropy SDK allows you to build new applications to dynamically create secure WireGuard tunnels for your users, services and applications

Network as Code - Build your networks through YAML configurations and completely automate your application deployments

Terraform & Ansible - Seamlessly integrate Syntropy with your current DevOps workflows using most popular orchestration and provisioning tools.

Build on Syntropy

Syntropy Stack allows building new applications that need to create secure Wireguard tunnels between internet connected endpoints, without also creating the technology and networking layer behind it. Use Syntropy to create modern secure applications, platforms, and applications for secure communication and data transmission. Your applications can finally create secure and optimized connections dynamically, both long and short-lived.

The Syntropy Stack is built by network engineers for network engineers. Our team has decades of combined experience working with the current paradigms of network engineering, and we have found a way to not only reduce the time needed to build these infrastructures but also limit the opportunities that bad actors have to exploit them. Try the Syntropy Stack today to see just how simple it is to secure and streamline your network operations!

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