Syntropy Windows Application Production Release is Here

We are excited to bring our Windows Application's beta phase to an end and make the production release available for you to download and use.


What is Syntropy Application?

The Syntropy Application acts as a Syntropy Agent substitute, packaged as an executable and available on Windows and Mac machines. You should use it together with Syntropy Stack to connect your machines to your networks or build private VPN solutions.

You can find the setup instructions for the Windows version here.


Grab the latest version of the Syntropy Windows Application.

What Has Changed In The Production Release?

There are no significant visual updates in comparison with the Beta, but what lies under the hood has been significantly reworked and updated. We took care of minor things, such as revamping our installer to be more up-to-date with the current Windows 11 developments. However, most of the updates are concerned with enhancing the core functionality. First, we deployed many bug fixes that became apparent throughout Beta releases and optimized the code back and forth. Most notably, the production version of Syntropy Windows Application is now primed to support Syntropy SDN Routing*, which automatically deploys private alternative paths for your connection and effectively improves the connection performance.

*SDN is not yet implemented into Syntropy Stack.

Please visit the changelog section to review all the improvements and fixes.

We hope that this release will improve your Syntropy Stack experience. As we move forward, we will continue developing the Application and keenly waiting for your feedback.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the #stack-support channel on our Discord or submit a ticket here.


Grab the latest version of the Syntropy Windows Application.

Get Started With Syntropy Stack

Get started with Syntropy Stack with our three-minute quick start video, or follow the documentation for more details. Use Syntropy Stack to streamline your container and multi-cloud deployments and automate network orchestration.

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