Syntropy Stack (2021 May 20) - What's new?

At Syntropy we're always seeking your feedback to make our products better and more pleasant to use. In this update, we have focused on improving our VPN solution, as well as polishing key operations and the looks of the platform!


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • We have moved the cog icon of the Virtual endpoint configuration from the connection to the endpoint within the Network Graph. As Virtual endpoints can have multiple connections, the configuration files will include all of the peers of these connections, so we're better off with a single button, rather than multiple buttons that return the same config. More clarity and a cleaner display!
  • We have also improved the service reporting by now showing both the number of existing services and the ones that are selected.
  • We have heard your feedback on the bulk endpoint delete functionality. And we have implemented it - now you can just simply select the endpoints that you don't need anymore and delete them.
  • We have also lifted the limitation for having the particular device in a single account only. This is very relevant for gaming & private/corporate VPN use cases as end machines can belong to multiple networks.
  • Finally, you will see a significant improvement in the looks of a platform!

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