Syntropy Stack (2021 February 11) - What's new?

Syntropy Stack is growing its userbase of developers (always looking to add more!) and we're making a lot of developments under the hood to make using it a smooth and pleasant experience. This release will include quite a significant update on how we treat networks, as well as some neat new functionality regarding timezones. Let's dive in!


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • Probably the biggest change in this release is how we reworked the Network and connections management. It might not be visible at very first sight, but now, instead of completely separate networks, you were able to create in our platform we only have one logical, underlying network and can have multiple network views.
    This change is made to avoid duplicated connections, which were quite an often case, and improve the overall platform performance.

Let me picture this for you:
You had endpoints A and B in Network X and you have decided to add a Network Y, where endpoints A and B are also a part of. In the old setup, you would need to create the connection between them again (duplicate!), but actually, it is not needed. And not even correct, looking at how the Wireguard configures the connections. There's already a connection between A and B.

Therefore, from now on - connections are created and kept at the underlying account network level. You can still create dozens of different network views, however, if you add the endpoints that already have a connection - it would simply be carried over to this view, automatically.
So, not that many changes to the overall workflow, but an important update to know.


Stay up-to-date

To make sure that these changes would apply to your setup seamlessly, please make sure you are using the latest versions of:

  • We have added the selection for timezones. Now you can select the timezone of your choice in the User section and this will impact the timestamps seen in logs, endpoint, and connection tables. By default, all of the accounts are set for the UTC timezone.

  • Have you missed the onboarding tour or opted not to see it again? Well, if at any point in time you'd like to refresh your memory with these (constantly updated) nuggets of knowledge, enable it again from the User section.

  • We have implemented a unique endpoint name per account requirement, to keep things consistent and avoid confusing setups with duplicates.

  • Add New Endpoint modal now warns the user if an already expired agent token is selected

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You can always find the full release changelog provided here: Syntropy stack changelog