Syntropy Stack (2021 April 8) - What's new?

Syntropy Stack is gearing towards a completely open self-service solution and we roll out completely reworked authentication solution to support it. Also, here you will find a completely new table filtering implementation and multiple improvements to make your experience using Syntropy Stack safe and efficient.


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • We have completely reworked the authentication system. This won't be very visible, as we have aimed to maintain the current experience consistent, but will enable us to grow rapidly in providing you both secure and flexible login options.

  • Referring to the above, you now will be able to login by using Social accounts. At the moment we will support Google and Microsoft accounts. If you already have an account - no problem, they will be merged automatically and you'll be able to choose the method you prefer the most. This functionality will be rolled out in stages during the upcoming week.

  • Likely the most visible is the complete rework of table filtering! The one we previously had was pretty restrictive in the filtering options, so we decided to build it from scratch. You will be able to filter by any table column and combination of those. New filters will be used in both the Endpoints and Network sections.

  • We bring more security to agent token management. No changes in the way they are created, but important to note that the token itself will be shown only once! This means that you have to make sure needed agent tokens, after they are created are saved and kept in some secure place on your side.

  • The change outlined above means that you won't be able to select agent token in the Add endpoint widget, however you can still paste the key and we'll generate you a script for an easy start!

  • We have added a short user onboarding form, so that we could further shape the best, tailored experience for every one of you.


To have the absolutely best user experience, make sure you bookmark and use these!

  • Book a demo! Highly recommended after you're done with documentation and would love to discuss particular scenarios. Anyway, our team would be happy to provide support to the users with all levels of experience.

  • Join our Builders' Discord community.

  • Found a bug or have any feedback? Register a support ticket via JIRA Customer Portal

  • System seems stuck, or doesn't work? Well, sometimes it happens. See the latest Platform Status information, or subscribe for the updates.

  • Together with the launch of DARP testing we've realized a need for more accurate IP to geolocation conversion. So we've decided to build an internal service for it, which will also help us to translate Endpoints locations more accurately.


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