Syntropy Stack (2021 April 29) - What's new?

At Syntropy we always strive to make the Internet faster, open and secure. This release specifically addresses the safety aspect as we are proud to present you the very first version of Syntropy Private VPN solution.

With this you will be able to manage an A to Z of your VPN setup, using universal tools designed to work in any of your devices.


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • First and the most important, of course, is the Virtual Endpoint creation via the Add Endpoints section. You can create a placeholder endpoint, a virtual one to further connect any of your devices with a VPN server of yours. More about this functionality is in the dedicated tutorial post.
  • Also, we have added an additional tab to our Add endpoints wizard - VPN, which should significantly simplify the setup of dedicated VPN servers. Just add your agent token and copy the command!
  • We have improved the reporting of the Service counts. Now, instead of a single number, you can see two - showing both all of the existing services and how many of those are ticked.
  • As we're increasing the number of possible Endpoint types, it makes sense to clearly show which is which. You can see the endpoint Type attribute in the Endpoints table.
  • Sometimes the name or the ID doesn't tell you much, but IP is the one you have. You can now search by endpoint IP.
  • And an overall facelift of an Endpoints table. It's just a beginning.

Also, make sure to check Acess tokens and secure your account with a 2FA, which was implemented in our recent release.

Want to see the full contents of a release?

You can always find the full release changelog provided here: Syntropy stack changelog