Syntropy Stack (2021 April 22) - What's new?

Syntropy Stack is expanding the number of features that offers our users enhanced security, which one of our key priorities. Custom scoped Access Tokens and Two-Factor authentication are the main features of this release. Scroll down for more details!


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • We have implemented a brand new way to authenticate - custom scoped Access Tokens. Instead of using the ordinary username/password flow from now on you will be able to use the tokens for API access. It is a safer option in itself, especially with the implementation of the token scope. You can clearly define the access for the particular token thus maximizing the security in case the token is lost or compromised. Click here to learn more about the Access tokens.
  • We have also added a highly requested and anticipated two-factor authentication. We don't use software without adding an additional layer of security, so why should you? The setup is straightforward and compatible with most of the popular MFA apps. For more information, see here.
  • We have also implemented some improvements to better handle the new user creation and make it quicker.

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You can always find the full release changelog provided here: Syntropy stack changelog