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API Key Management

List API Keys

API Keys are necessary for configuring endpoints.

$ syntropyctl get-api-keys --help
Usage: syntropyctl get-api-keys [OPTIONS]

  List all API keys.

  API keys are being used by the endpoint agent to connect to the syntropy

  By default this command will retrieve up to 128 API keys. You can use
  --take parameter to get more keys.

  -s, --show-secret  Shows API secrets.
  --skip INTEGER     Skip N API keys.
  --take INTEGER     Take N API keys.
  -j, --json         Outputs a JSON instead of a table.
  --help             Show this message and exit.

Create API Key

Generate an API Key for the account:

$ syntropyctl create-api-key --help
Usage: syntropyctl create-api-key [OPTIONS] NAME [[%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S]]

  Create a API key for endpoint agent.

  -s, --suspended  Create a suspended API key.
  --help           Show this message and exit.


syntropyctl create-api-key a-key-for-an-agent

Delete API Key

Removes API Key from Account:

$ syntropyctl delete-api-key --help
Usage: syntropyctl delete-api-key [OPTIONS]

  Delete API key either by name or by id. If there are multiple names -
  please use id.

  --name TEXT
  --id INTEGER
  -y, --yes     Forces to delete all matching api keys.
  --help        Show this message and exit.

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API Keys

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