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Install Syntropy Agent

We have multiple ways that you can install the Syntropy Agent on a given endpoint. Once installed, you will be able to view & manage your network in a holistic manner from your Syntropy account.



General Prerequisites

To run Syntropy Agent, you must have Wireguard installed.

Wireguard installation:


Starting from 5.6.x, Linux kernel supports wireguard by default

Load wireguard module first:

sudo modprobe wireguard 
sudo echo wireguard >> /etc/modules-load.d/wireguard.conf

Check your Wireguard installation to ensure everything is properly configured:

sudo lsmod | grep wireguard

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Next step

After you've installed Wireguard, you're ready to install the agent! Select one of the installation options below:

Install with Docker
Install with Ansible
Install with Pip
Build from Source

Install Syntropy Agent

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