Install Syntropy Agent

We have multiple ways that you can install the Syntropy Agent on a given endpoint. Once installed, you will be able to view & manage your network in a holistic manner from your Syntropy account.


Running as root

At the moment, the Syntropy Agent requires running as root user.



General Prerequisites

To run Syntropy Agent, you must have Wireguard installed.

Wireguard installation:


Starting from 5.6.x, Linux kernel supports wireguard by default

Load wireguard module first:

sudo modprobe wireguard 
echo wireguard | sudo tee /etc/modules-load.d/wireguard.conf

Check your Wireguard installation to ensure everything is properly configured:

sudo lsmod | grep wireguard

Next step

After you've installed Wireguard, you're ready to install the agent! Select one of the installation options below: