Release Notes: December 6th, 2021

Stability Improvements and open-source Syntropy Agent


We're happy to present you with the latest release of Syntropy Stack. Our team worked hard to improve stability at all levels, for a more solid product. We're also thrilled to announce open sourcing Syntropy Agent, yay! We hope these backend improvements and updates will improve your Syntropy Stack experience today.

As we progress our technology and grow the ecosystem, we listen closely to our community to build tools that matter. If you have any feedback or ideas, let’s talk on Discord.

Syntropy Stack Stability Improvements

The key deliverables in this update include but are not limited to:

  • Analytics annotation aggregation improvements.
  • SDN path recalculation & workflow improvements.
  • General cleanup & bug fixes.


  • Dynamic resolution for analytics results.
  • Implemented the annotation aggregation.
  • Updated the SDN part recalculation flows.
  • Removed workers logic from agents service.
  • Updated the Connection Status Box when no info.
  • Improved the advanced filters component to show selected only toggle and separate search input from selection count.
  • Implemented the ability to select a particular section of a graph to zoom in


  • Fixed port matching.
  • Fixed custom filter issues in Firefox 94.0.
  • Fixed custom filters to accept capital letters.
  • Fixed the message when the tables are empty.
  • Fixed table pagination occasionally returns errors.
  • Fixed detailed connection analytics that returns reversed direction analytics
  • Fixed endpoints checkbox that was kept active even if no endpoints were selected.

Syntropy Agent is now Opensource


We love open-source, and as part of our commitment to our community, we would like to remind you that the new Syntropy Golang Agent is now open-source, and you can find it publicly on GitHub. Feel free to check it out, and play with it!

In case you missed it, we shared our thoughts on the Syntropy Agent Golang Refactor last month, and now it's time to close the circle by open-sourcing it for the public.

To refresh our minds, here are the top highlights:

  1. The agent is backward compatible, and all environment variables are still the same.
  2. The agent is a single go binary, it’s easy to deploy in a non-docker environment.
  3. It significantly reduced resource usage and improved overall speed.
  4. ARM build is coming soon. Yay!


Checkout the Repo.

If you like the new updates and improvements, we look forward to hearing your feedback on Twitter or Discord.

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