Syntropy Stack (2021 January 11) - What's new?

Syntropy stack went live with a handpicked number of developers across the globe. We're working a lot to weed out any remnant bugs and polishing workflows. There are plenty of fixes and some new functionality that should make your start using Syntropy Stack a breeze!


🚀 New functionality & improvements

  • Probably the most visible new feature is our new Onboarding tour which provides a crash course of Syntropy Stack for the new users. It's a set of 13 short videos & descriptions that should be sufficient to kick off the very first steps in using Stack. It's basically the same as the current product documentation, just shortened. You can of course turn it off so that it won't be shown again.

  • Logs now have an updated time picker - you can select either a specific time range, or set to view the latest 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 24 hours from the presets.

  • Network graph zoom is now slightly smarter than it was. The zoom level is now adaptive, based on the number of endpoints and their dispersion. Simply put, you will always see your full network contents when accessing it, so no more lost endpoints

  • Network graph and the connections table now refresh automatically - so you can always see the latest state of your network, without a need to refresh manually.

Want to see the full contents of a release?

You can always find the full release changelog provided here: Syntropy stack changelog