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Create a Network

This section will review the Network creation in Syntropy Stack. For Ctl and Ansible, please refer to pages below:

Creating a network

To set up a new Network view you can simply go to Network section, click on 'Create a new Network' and add its name.

Adding endpoints

You'll start with an empty Network graph. To add any endpoints, find Add End-points button on the upper right and select the ones you need.

We also have a search bar and filters working identically as the ones in the Endpoints section.

Selected endpoints would appear in Network graph. If these endpoints already have an existing connection in some other network, it would simply appear in this one, as well, so that no duplicated connections would be set. This would work reciprocally and any new connections established in the given network would be reflected in the others.

As soon as the endpoints are added, you can select which endpoints you would like to connect.

Connections here work Point to Point, however you can always tick on Select all to establish a Connection one to all.

Congrats! You've just created your first network.

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Next step

Now you're able to generate an agent token for your endpoints

Manage your Networks

Create a Network

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