Connection Analytics

Once you set up your connections, you can monitor latency, bandwidth, and packet loss between any two endpoints for any time interval. That would give you a detailed visual representation of your network connection insights.

First, you can click any connection between any two endpoints, that shows connection status, details about the two endpoints, the ability to break the connection, and a link for detailed connection analytics.

Clicking the detailed connection analytics link will take you to the full view with more options and insights. You can also reach this from the Connections table, or simply a header menu.

Let’s have a look:

Within that detailed analytics view, you can select any other two endpoints to see connection analytics for, or you can set a time period to filter the insights.

Also if you clicked the double-headed arrow between the source and destination endpoints, it will swap them together. You may also notice the quick overview below about connection status, latency, packet loss, and handshake table.

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