Environment Variables

This collection uses environment variables for the general configuration, such as:

// Env Variables
export SYNTROPY_API_TOKEN='{API Authorization token}'

You can refer to this article to learn how to retrieve an access token.

YAML Override

It is possible to override these environment variables by specifying api_url and/or api_token module options.
The most convenient way to do that is to specify SYNTROPY_API_SERVER in the environment variable and provide api_token by using Ansible vault.

You can either call modules by their Fully Qualified Collection Namespace (FQCN), such as syntropynet.syntropy.syntropy_facts, or you can call modules by their short name if you list the syntropynet.syntropy collection in the playbook's collections keyword:

  - name: Retrieve facts about the account
      api_url: '{{ api_url }}'
      api_token: '{{ api_token }}'
    register: facts

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